Public Liability

These types of claims are often very involved and require a working knowledge of negligence and common law liability.

Thirteen of our loss adjusters, namely Sid Mann, Ken Mann, David Mann, Andre Gericke, Mark Mann, Pieter Oosthuizen, Paul Ras, Johan Ras, Leopold Schutte, James Oosthuizen, Christo Nel and Diederik Harkema and both of our technical motor assessors, namely Piet Badenhorst and Tommie Rootman, deal with these claims on a daily basis for Santam, Frontline (New National), Hollard, Western National and SHA and they include General Public Liability, Defective Workmanship and Product Liability related claims.

Only when there are strong grounds for repudiation and/or when the claim relates to a highly specialised field outside the loss adjuster’s specific field of expertise, do we request insurers mandate to make use of specialists in the relevant field.

We have two technical experts in the Motor Mechanical area, namely Mr P Badenhorst, and Tommie Rootman, who deal with most of the motor vehicle related Defective Workmanship/Product liability claims. Mark Mann, Malcolm Parker and Pieter Oosthuizen also deal with these claims.