Burglaries/Theft (Personal and Commercial)

We have adopted certain strategies, which ensure that our client is kept up to date as
to the status of the claim and our final report is generally made available to our clients
within 5-7 working days after our first meeting with the insured, depending on the
circumstances and size of the claim and on the insured supplying requested

The appointment to meet with the insured is generally arranged within a couple of
hours after receipt of instructions. Our report includes a full description of the
circumstances, information from the police, moral risk, adequacy of the sum insured,
proof of ownership, gathering replacement quotations, risk improvements and a
schedule for the proposed settlement.

On receiving settlement instructions and if required, we obtain a signed Agreement of
Loss/General Release/Tender of settlement and issue the replacement orders, when
applicable, to bring the claim to finality.

Sid Mann, Diederik Harkema, Arno Van Den Bergh, Mark Mann, Pieter
Oosthuizen, David Mann, Johan Ras and Paul Ras, deal with most of these claims.