We have a well-developed system of dealing with motor vehicle theft claims and all motor vehicle theft claims are given prompt attention. On receipt of the instruction, the insured is contacted the same day and a list of requirements is faxed through to the insured, requesting him to contact us without delay, once all of the documentation is at hand, so that we can arrange to interview him and obtain all the documentation and the keys, at the same time.

Our handling of these claims include:-
➢ Checking that the vehicle has not crossed any of South Africa’s borders.
➢ Establishing from the police that they are satisfied that the loss is genuine.
➢ Obtaining a copy of the insured’s statement from the SAPS, when possible.
➢ Conducting a financial check, if required.
➢ Obtaining a settlement amount from the financier and verifying that all instalments are up to date.
➢ Obtaining a HPI report and verifying the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle.
➢ Obtaining of a Natis report and verifying the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle. The police circulation number is also obtained and verified.
➢ Conducting our own investigation into the circumstances surrounding the loss of the vehicle, including the recording of a detailed statement from the last driver of the vehicle and the insured, in cases where the driver and the insured are not the same person.
➢ In all cases, where possible, we verify the evidence obtained from the insured, from independent sources.
➢ Ensuring that all of the documentation, keys, VESA certificates, etc. are brought together to enable the quick finalisation of the claim.
➢ Verifying the security systems and or Gear lock with VESA and obtaining confirmation from them.
➢ Verifying the grading of the factory fitted security system, according to the VSS list.
➢ We obtain quotations with respect to the extra’s and deal with the All Risk Items claimed.
➢ Throughout the assessment, we maintain contact with the insured and keep the client posted on the progress.

David Mann and Arno Van Den Bergh deal with these claims.